My little Frisian house


Friesenhaus: Make new out of the old – a Friesenhaus awakens to a new shine

Admittedly, tattered jeans, a baggy look, unplastered brickwork in the interior or retro design can have their appeal. But certainly not without restrictions. That’s what our client thought when, while renovating his house on the edge of an idyllic warf village in Friesland, he discovered chipping paint under the wallpaper. On closer inspection, these turned out to be parts of a beautiful, hand-painted frieze of floral ornaments, which unfortunately was getting very old. The astonishment and the friends were great, as the painting from the old days fitted well with the antique furniture from grandmother’s youth – only it could look more well-kept …
With the help of photos and traced transparent sketches, we created the appropriate stencils for the renovation of the aged wall decoration, which will finally be repainted in the same place. The fresh frieze and the smart Frisian house will then harmonise perfectly with each other again.

We are very pleased that our stencils will contribute to the preservation of the individual history of the house. We will publish photos of the complete restoration with our wall stencils here later.

By the way: For painting companies, stencils are the perfect basis for professional restorations. Lovers of old cultural assets appreciate it.




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