Hipster deer for a hip design

Today we want to show you how you can use our wall stencils to create an individual and beautiful hipster mural with little effort.

What you need is the following:

First, you check whether the surface on which you want to apply your mural is clean, free of grease and dry. Then you spray the stencil evenly with the spray adhesive and attach it to the desired location on the wall. Then fix the corners of the template with a few strips of masking tape.

Now you can start to apply the paint to the wall with a brush. To do this, you dip the brush in the paint and rub the applicant off on a plastic palette or a piece of cardboard. When applying paint, it is important that you do not use too much paint and that it is not too watery.

Final steps to your own hipster wall motif:

When you have finished dabbing the motif, you should remove the stencil from the wall as quickly as possible. Let the paint dry for several hours, preferably until the next day, before you start with the second application of paint. Then repeat the same process as you did in the first round: attach the template to the desired location, fix it with masking tape and dab the paint. Now remove the stencil making sure the paint is still damp and…. voila …the hipster deer is ready.

We would like to thank @ creativelife for the photos and the beautiful mural!


HipsterHipster Hipster Hipster

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