Individual doormat: Quiet pedestrians and leisurely walkers welcome!

For homies and daredevils!

A personalised doormat in the foyer is the calling card of the house so why not give it a personalised touch and design your own. With the large selection of motifs in our stencil shop, we promise you a unique eye-catcher.

Our stencils also make an excellent gift.

Individuelle Fußmatte

Here is what you will need:


Spray the stencil with spray adhesive. This ensures the template stays better. 


Next, you must fix the edges with adhesive tape for the prevention of overpainting. 



Apply some colour to the stencil brush and dab it onto the motif.


Apply the colour twice for a more bold result.

Fussmatte-27 Fussmatte-30 Fussmatte-33 Fussmatte-35 Fussmatte-40

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