Painting Trade

Information for the painting trade and professional users:

Painting: Simply print out the catalogue (see below) on your colour printer or download it on your smartphone, tablet or laptop and … you will receive valuable support for your consultation with your customer. 

Schablone TreppenhausOur graphics department also offers professional 3D planning for stairwells, facades and room designs as well as tailor-made production of individual motifs.

We manufacture in-house in any desired size. Simply email the size and number of motifs you require and you will receive your cost estimate with a PAINTING DISCOUNT of 10% for your stencil purchase. Shipping costs, accessories and colours are excluded from the discount. 

Please send us a copy of your trade license or simply your business card by email to or Whatsapp to +49175 26 26 26 5 or by fax to 030 69538793.

As a retailer, we allow you to sell our stencils in your shop. Please contact us and we will look forward to a creative collaboration with you.


Andreas Barczynski,

Graduate Graphic Designer.

ab-design GmbH

katalog Malergewerbe
Please click on the cover picture and you will download a complete overview of our stencil range as a PDF to your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. This way you can browse at your leisure without having to click into the online shop.

For further ideas see our  HISTORICAL TEMPLATES  PDF CATALOGUE: here you can draw from our historical fund and purchase stencils that we create for you for the first time. Across all style epochs. Please allow for a somewhat longer processing time of approx. 1-2 weeks, which we will agree upon with you by e-mail.

Please send us your price enquiries by e-mail: