A tasteful special design: Your eye candy on breads, cakes, pies and co.

Custom-made products for private and commercial purposes:

Interested in making a tasty custom-made product yourself? With our stencils you can let your creativity run wild and quickly conjure up something impressive in your own kitchen without much effort. A lot can be done with stencils: be it personalising baked goods with powdered sugar or finely grounded spices that decorate dishes. Your monogram, pictogram or company logo on lovingly prepared dishes is a real eye-catcher at any party. 

As a great suggestion from our customer for the unconventional use of our stencils, we are showing you a delicacy here that you might also like. Bake, bake, (not just) cakes. We look forward to further suggestions with photos of things you have made with our stencils. Please send us an email to …  info@ab-design-berlin.de, we would be happy to publish your work.

A tip from our hobby baker: Let the dough dry or spray it wet. Let the stencil motif dry briefly then put it in the oven. Bon Appetit!

Thank you very much for this suggestion.

Sonderanfertigung: Schablonen für Lebensmittel Schablone zum Backen Schablone für Bäcker Schablone für Lebensmitteldesign Schablone Backwaren Schablone f+ür Brote

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