Stylish stencil design for a staircase

Spruce up your home’s calling card: the staircase.

At Schablono, we offer template motifs that are individually designed to match the style of the house and stairwell. 

Here we show you how a modern, bright and compelling atmosphere for living was created from a formerly dark staircase of a Neukölln rental house on Weichselplatz through our collaboration with Oberflächendesign. We created individual stencils based on the old wall paintings presented on the wall, which made it possible for our painting company, our friend – – to let the old motifs shine in new splendor. We are pleased and proud that the old wall paintings were not lost and that we were able to restore them professionally. 

A missing motif was stylishly added, making sure it matched all of the other 7 murals. Alejandro Herzberg & Carlos Capella designed and implemented the colour concept in consultation with the owner. The choice of red and green were the perfect combination of colours and created harmony and contrast through targeted accent colours. The marble imitations in the base area were also professionally painted in a traditional style, but interpreted and applied in a modern way. 

What are the advantages of a stylish staircase? Experience shows that painted stairwells are less likely to be smeared or scratched. 

Other advantages include:

  • An increase in the tenant/owner’s quality of living 
  • Identify the residents of the house with their home
  • less littering and property damage – shows that you are making an effort to maintain the value of the house
  • Preservation of the property’s value/ increase in the properties value
  • A memorable entrance

Conclusion: With an attractive living environment you can live and work more beautifully

Let yourself be inspired by our know-how advice and stimulate your own projects. We look forward to hearing from you – either by phone or email.



Treppenhausgestaltung mit Schablonen Treppenhaus


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