Wall and floor design according to historical imagery

Wall & floor designs with stencils for painting.

We aim to deliver your dream template for your dream home. Let your creativity take over your mind and body. We aim to carry through your ideas – creative and productive. 

Inspired by a visit to a local museum, our customer ordered an individual stencil from us in an antique style. The Biedermeier-style motifs were drawn and created digitally for the template cutting based on photos and information provided by our client.  We made the appropriate templates in-house. Reusable and washable for a complete interior design. The soil was also included. An individual floor design makes clean natural living possible. Away from laminate and PVC. With natural, environmentally friendly paints from our paint shops, you can create a healthy indoor climate without harmful vapours from plastic softeners. Our paint is ecologically harmless and beautiful to look at. Old values and patterns are experiencing a renaissance in modern times. You can get natural colours and more z. B. here:kreidezeit.de

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