Gallery – Your own masterpieces straight on to the wall!

Gallery: Nice to see you.

We would love to see how you used our stencils for your own designs. Show your friends and relatives the versatility of modern and classic wall design. Share your work in our gallery as an inspiration to others on their DIY journey. Please send us your work by email:

Take a look around our Schablono gallery from the comfort of your own home. Let yourself be inspired by these individual, modern and creative designs. 

Creative wall stencils for your home

Stencilling is a simple way to create an individual look for your home. You can create themes that enhance your decor. In our online shop, you will find over 1000 templates, many of which can be tailored to meet your individual design requirements. We would be happy to offer our professional service to help you realise your design ideas. Why not give us a call to talk through your requirements?  

What do we offer?

In the creation of your design, we can: 

    1. Ensure that the finished product matches your ideas.
    2. Give you professional advice about how to achieve the best results in your context.
    3. Work with you to create a template of your design: personal samples, motifs, fonts and logos.
    4. All our design and production is in-house. The hand-drawn and digitally vectorized motifs are made in-house with our precision cutting plotter.

Quality and service guaranteed 

We can support you creatively in bringing your original designs to life with our expert advice and professional expertise. 

  • Our stencil material is of a high-quality that has been used in the painting industry for decades.
  • Plastic dab stencils and adhesive stencils are flexible, durable and versatile.
  • We ensure that your stencil will be the perfect size for the project.
  • Our professional artists will oversee the design of the stencils.
  • We can create a lot of detail in our stencils.
  • We take time to discuss your needs in detail so the finished product will match your wishes.

Please view our user tips / videos! 

The inspiration

Everyone has the potential to be creative. It is often a question of finding your inspiration. Why not look through our PDF catalogue or at our gallery and see whether there is something there that inspires you? Perhaps you are already inspired and would like to share your design ideas with others? Why not send in the design you have created with us and inspire others? Sometimes the thing that can bring our creativity to life is a partnership with other people who help us mid-wife our ideas. We create. The more we come into contact with other creative people, their ideas and inspirations, the more we can reflect on our own and the more we are inspired to create new ones. It’s nice to share with others and to be part of someone else’s inspiration. You share your own ideas, your own works – you inspire others and you generate their creativity in turn. 

Send us your finished stencil work and we will publish it on our website. Some of the works will get their own blog post on with links to your social media platform. 

Let’s inspire one another. Get in touch with us


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