I want Art Nouveau!

The goal of our customers Carlos Capella & Alejandro Herzberg from “ Surface Design ” was to restore a complete stairwell in the Art Nouveau style. Of course, we were eager to support them with their plan and aimed to deliver a great template. The patterns were designed according to historical motifs. 

Art Nouveau stencils are often characterised by floral and natural designs. You can often recognize them by their curved, aesthetically abstract shapes. The stencils used for the stairwell indicated typical features of Art Nouveau.

We designed the stencils according to the size that the customers requested and off we went to. Apply, dab – the motif on the wall was quick and easy to apply. The result: a freshly decorated staircase in a historical Art Nouveau style!

Staircases can be thought of as the “calling card” of the house. Many homeowners have experienced the sale of their property increasing with a beautifully decorated stairwell. The ornate motifs in the stairwell create a much more inviting space. In Ancient Europe, wealthy citizens used the Art Nouveau style to give their houses and apartments a “loftier” look. A style which has not been called the style of the rich with taste, beauty and dignity for nothing!

Another benefit of a decorated stairwell is the prevention of damage and pollution. A “bare” wall is more inviting to paint than one that has been completely decorated.

Various Art Nouveau motifs can be found in our shop. And of course, we are always open to new ideas! Miracles can also be achieved with a single border. Even for a staircase, large templates do not always have to be used. There are no limits to the colours either. For this staircase, our customer worked with a lot of brown and gold tones. The result could definitely be seen in the end!

In our shop, you will find further ideas and inspirations under the heading “ Staircases ”. Let yourself be captivated by the many motifs and colours. Needless to say, we are always at your side to help!

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