Catalan Modernisme in Barcelona

Art Nouveau stencil: Dear DIY friends 

Art Nouveau stencils in all their glory: We visited Barcelona on a short city trip at the end of May. We spent 5 days being amazed and our senses being stimulated by the fantastic metropolitan city. 

Stencil Art Nouveau: The city of the Catalan architect Gaudi is worth a visit.

We have brought you a few suggestions from the cityscape, which we would be very happy to make as templates for interior and exterior designs of your fancy. Please contact us and … also browse the treasure trove on our homepage . I will spare you more than 400 other inspiring cityscapes that I photographed, however, I recommend that everyone should travel there and let yourself be enchanted by the flair of the old and young-at-heart city. We look forward to your photos, which you can send to us by email. We would be happy to publish your great stencil motifs in our gallery/treasure trove.

Think of Schablono as your partner for creative ideas and individual wall designs.

Have a look inside.

Sincerely, Andreas Barczynski,

Graphic Designer

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