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Know-how: Stenciling fabrics made easy.

Tips & tricks for stencilling fabrics from an experienced user:

“I love quick and easy DIYs. Last week I printed cushions with the help of a wall stencil. The stencils come from the online shop schablono.de. There you will find a huge selection of great and unusual stencils. If you prefer a personal touch, you can also have the shop design your very own motifs. Because the creative people at Schablono.de draw and make them themselves: Any motif in any size, according to your templates or ideas. And: All motifs are also available as adhesive stencils.

Ok, wall stencils are mainly used when it comes to designing a boring wall in a creative and unusual way. (Who needs wallpaper or ready-made borders when there are wall stencils?!). But fabrics are also great for printing. And I could well imagine that a board would also be a suitable surface. This would save the time-consuming and laborious drawing and subsequent cutting out with the help of a cutter knife. Simply fix the stencil to the panel with masking tape and paint or dab away. And as already mentioned, there are plenty of motifs in the online shop.


The handling of such stencils is not difficult: It is important that the surface is clean and free of grease. For example, I would sand a switchboard briefly beforehand. The stencil is fixed with masking tape or removable spray adhesive and placed on the respective surface. If a wall is to be stencilled, use wall paint with a slightly thicker consistency. This prevents the paint from running behind the stencil. Logically, I did not print my cushions with wall paint, but with textile paint. To prevent the paint from bleeding through to the back of the cushion, I pushed a piece of cardboard into the cushion cover. Dip a stencilling brush (or sponge) into the paint and dab it on paper (or similar) until there is only a little paint left on the brush. Then apply the paint gently and dabbing. The general rule is: apply little paint, dab twice if necessary, DO NOT paint! To get a feel for the amount of paint, you should always test it on a piece of wallpaper beforehand. When the paint is dry, remove the tape and carefully take off the stencil. The stencils can be used as often as you like. To clean them, just put them in warm water and carefully clean them with a soft brush (or sponge).”

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